Happy New Year! Bring on 2017!

We would like to wish all of our fans and followers and happy and prosperous 2017! We would also like to thank everyone who has supported "The Holy Tudors: Inheritance" since its whirlwind release back in May!

Our final event for 2016 at Mama's Gin Joint in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was fantastic! Huge thanks go out to the staff and supporters of the event - we had a blast and made more connections for future events, including one down in Calgary, Alberta at 628 Stage and Lounge! We will keep you updated on new events for 2017 as they happen. In the meantime, our next book event/signing takes place on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at the Chapters inside West Edmonton Mall! We'll be there from 10am to 6pm, with our author available to sign books and chat about what is up and coming for "The Holy Tudors!"

Of course, the biggest event is the impending release of the highly anticipated sequel, "End of Ages," where we find Edward and his followers in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world, struggling the find the answers within a confusing Vatican mystery, connected to Edward's past. "End of Ages" is expected for release in Spring 2017, and we are excited to announce that we will be doing a "Team Edward" photo shoot in the middle of March on the Oregon coast! This shoot will be for marketing and promotional purposes, as we have "casted" some of the characters from "End of Ages." Check out our Facebook page for more details!

"End of Ages" is currently going through first round author edits, and will be sent to test readers by late January-early February. We anticipate submission to our publisher by February. Sometimes authors like to change things, but don't worry, the storyline is still intact (just a few additions needed to be factored in).

Stay updated with our current Canadian book tour dates, as we may be in your area very soon!

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