Lead-Off Single Available Soon on iTunes!

In order to build up additional hype for "The Holy Tudors: End of Ages," we have selected an artist based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to record a single that will be released on iTunes! Some of the lyrics to this mysterious, haunting song make up part of the manuscript for "End of Ages," and we are very excited to be including this iTunes release as a part of our marketing campaign for the sequel.

As of this writing, we do not have an exact release date for the single, but we can say that the single is currently in composing and arrangement stages. The single will have a cover and title, and we will announce the name of the recording artist when release is imminent.

We are anxious to hear the finished product for our lead-off single, and we hope that it will bring even more followers to "The Holy Tudors" phenomenon! Stay tuned for more details on our lead-off single, a video on our recent photo shoot in Oregon, and information on the release of the hardcover edition for "Inheritance."

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