Summer Success! "End of Ages" on the Horizon and More!

Our summer 2016 book tour through parts of the United States was a great success! We were glad to spread the word about "The Holy Tudors: Inheritance" by talking to fans, followers, and a lot of bookshop owners! We were able to visit several independent bookstores, plus implement some aggressive marketing strategies within the large retail outlets!

As our tour drew to a close, we scheduled the photo shoot for the cover design for "The Holy Tudors: End of Ages," the highly anticipated sequel to "Inheritance." We were able to secure a model from Portland, Oregon, and we are glad to update our website with some of the stills from the photo shoot! We will carefully peruse the many shots taken and figure out what best attracts potential readers to pick up their copy of "End of Ages" when released in Spring 2017. Be sure to explore the website for photos and check back for more updates on the cover for "End of Ages."

In the meantime, we are now planning for a tour of independent and larger-scale retailers in Canada, beginning with Alberta. Preparations are being made to visit libraries as well and we are very excited to begin touring Canada as our author completes the manuscript for "End of Ages."

We are also very happy to announce that "End of Ages" will be available in hardcover format when released in the Spring, and even happier to tell our fans and followers that "Inheritance" (due to popular demand) will be available in hardcover format in late September/early October. We are glad to be able to offer the hardcover editions for both of these titles, and we will be offering the same for "Renaissance" and "Parallels."

Keep checking back for news and updates on our 2016 tour through Canada. We are hoping to secure dates in October through December in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


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