Paperback Now Available!

You can now order your paperback copy of "The Holy Tudors: Inheritance" through multiple retailers all over the world!

You can visit Amazon and order your copy of "Inheritance," where it will be shipped to your door!

You can also visit your local Chapters/Indigo/Coles (in Canada) plus your local independent bookstores - and Barnes and Noble (in the USA) plus local bookstores and ask about "The Holy Tudors: Inheritance!" Store clerks will be happy to assist you in ordering your copy!

Please be sure to leave a review of the book! We welcome all feedback from those who have read the novel - we thank those who have already left great reviews on "Inheritance!"

Stay tuned for a new blog post this week regarding our upcoming book tour through the Central United States! Right now, we are working on book signings and appearances at libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops! Our author, Sharyl Rains, will be travelling for all of August visiting states such as Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, and even Oregon! If you you have purchased your book, come to a signing and get yours personalized! Books will also be available for purchase at signings!

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