"'Inheritance' Divulges July Release"

"The Holy Tudors: Inheritance" is set for release this July! The long-awaited beginning of the series will be available this summer! We are proud to share that the publication process is going extremely well - all edits have been completed, and we have now moved into cover design and interior layout! We are extremely thankful for all of the staff at Tellwell Publishing in Victoria, BC, Canada for their help and support during the publication process!

We will keep all of our future readers updated with information on how to obtain their copy of "Inheritance," not to mention the publication details on its successors, "End of Ages," and "Renaissance." Our author is working feverishly every single day to tell the great story behind the Holy Grail and its Guardians, and we are very excited for the release of "Inheritance."

We welcome all feedback and comments! If you have questions for our author, please submit them through our contact form!

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