Beginning with the first sequel in "The Holy Tudors" series, Sharyl Rains will also be bringing to print more examples of great storytelling to suit readers fascinated by multiple tastes: post-apocalyptic fiction, speculative and prophetic fiction.

The Holy Tudors: End of Ages


What if eternal life isn't enough to save you?

Edward Tudor once ruled as Edward VI, King of England. Now, he is regarded by God as the most powerful and passionate Guardian ever commanded to protect the Holy Grail: the vessel created by God, healing Edward upon his “death” in 1553.

While leading two new Guardians into the next millennium, Edward discovers the true secrets behind a confusing Vatican controversy, mysteriously connected to his past. After finding the key to the future of mankind, Edward begins to question the fulfillment of his own destiny to God and the Holy Grail. Upon reflection and prayer, Edward finds powers within the Grail that suggest time can be manipulated, and soon enough, Edward discovers how to travel back and forth through the ages.

Edward’s curiosity burns within him, and upon a visit into the near future, he is shocked to find a post-apocalyptic Earth, ravaged by resource depletion, climate change, and a strange pandemic that has wiped out most of the world’s population. The remains of human civilization are scattered across the globe, forming alliances; competing for what’s left in a last attempt to survive.

Little does Edward know that the future he visits is only the beginning; the beginning of the end. Earth is headed towards God’s final goal for Creation, and in the midst of his crumbling belief in the duty originally placed before him, Edward is fueled by the overwhelming desire for answers. Through the doors of Catholic conspiracy, the words of a visionary hidden long ago, and information brought back from the post-apocalyptic future, Edward is convinced he is the only one who can stop the devastation plaguing the Earth.

Determined to repair the damage and save the world from its own destruction, Edward and his Guardians embark on a new journey to preserve their future. But as unexpected events unfold, Edward struggles to keep his sanity and his faith intact. Will Edward Tudor ever hand the Holy Grail back to man?

The Holy Tudors: Renaissance

God's first creation has come and gone, but for thousands of years, prophecy has claimed that there is a New World waiting; a New World created: The World to Come. God has decided to assemble together the heavens and amass a new population in His own image once more…


Witnessing the rebirth of the New World, Edward Tudor, God's greatest Guardian of the Holy Grail, returns to assist God in the retraining of man.  After watching the demise of the previous world and its inhabitants, Edward has taken a vow to ensure man does not take the same road as he did before.


But just as man was tempted by evil in the first creation, Edward is tempted by the same forces that threaten his very faith in God and in himself.  Though God has vowed not to make the mistakes He did in His previous creation, He cannot help but test mankind with the same temptations, hoping that better decisions will be made the next time around.


As God’s latest creation begins to fall into the same habits as the former, Edward, with the help of some familiar faces, attempts to steer the new world in the right direction, for this second chance is man's last to redeem himself for the actions that resulted in the destruction of the Old World.


Edward - faced with a new adversary he never expected - must channel every lesson he has learned about God and his own faith, and drive away an evil that has disguised itself as his biggest strength, his greatest weakness, and the very desire that has tempted him at every turn.

The Holy Tudors: Parallels


Edward Tudor knows it is a dangerous business dealing with time; especially when it's not your own.This is not Edward's time, and this is not his story.

Sarah, a defiant, independent, reckless young girl, tells her story as it happens in her own time, from her own perspective - before the mysterious, ethereal appearance of Edward Tudor.

On a break from her Christian school in southwest England during the late 1950's, events bring Sarah to a strange town in Portugal, where certain tragedy forces her to choose between a life of temptation and ease, to one of salvation and penance. Her choice leads her to a most unlikely ally, and one who will provide Sarah with the guidance she needs to fulfill a duty greater than she could ever imagine.

After seeing God's greatest weapon against evil and the key to mankind's future, Sarah hope is renewed, even in the wake of disturbing events and revelations.Through devastation and suffering, but staying true to her own faith, Sarah thrives under the guidance of God and finds a way to survive a time where miracles are needed the most, even if it means witnessing - and being party to - the creation of destructive, selfish forces.

Sarah assists in the formation of new actions in a dark time, all the while waiting patiently for the return of the man named Edward, the Guardian destined to change the future of mankind. Sarah is the only one who can tell Edward the truth behind the mysteries of a time he has never seen, but one Sarah knows only too well.

There is so much Sarah has to tell. This is her story - and this is her time.