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Canadian author Sharyl Rains has been writing in multiple genres and outlets from a very young age.  Following in the footsteps of her gifted, beloved mother, Mary A. McLauchlin (who published the novel "Barrel Racer" in 1975), Sharyl delved into the art of writing at the tender age of twelve, beginning with poetry and short stories, targeting a teen audience.  With a great interest and passion for music, Sharyl developed her writing into song lyrics and began writing songs of her own.  Throughout high school, Sharyl continued to write lyrics and short stories, until finally completing her first young adult novel, "The Only Way is Up" in 1992.  Although never published, Sharyl still retains the hard copy of her first completed manuscript.  Forging ahead into greater, unknown territory, she continued to venture into writing for a more adult-oriented audience with both her lyric writing and story telling.  In 1998, Sharyl Rains completed her first adult novel, "Showgirl," showcasing a completely different writing style and genre.  

Sharyl began working in the studio to develop her songwriting skills and record her own material in 2003.  She recorded several songs from both a hard-rock and a country genre, with the help of Corey Johnson from Owensound Studios in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After taking time off to raise her two children, Jakob and Lily, and pursuing a devotion to the theatre for over ten years, Sharyl finally returned to writing creatively, and in the midst of a production for "The Wizard of Oz," she came across the idea for her first historical fiction novel, "The Tudor Secret."  

With an insatiable fascination for British history and the monarchy, particularly the Tudor dynasty, Sharyl began writing ideas for what would become the basis for "The Tudor Secret."  A stand-alone novel set during the Elizabethan era, "The Tudor Secret" delves into a great conspiracy about one of England's greatest queens.

Amidst the writing of "The Tudor Secret" and taking a break from the novel itself, some meticulous research on the internet found Sharyl inspiration for a new novel.  A strange connection between some of the lesser known members of the Tudor dynasty gave Sharyl a fascinating idea into what would become a phenomenon, "The Holy Tudors."

Splitting the story into first three novels and then seven, "The Holy Tudors" and "The Holy Grail" series have now become the forefront of Sharyl creative writing prowess. Even in its youth , "The Holy Tudors" series has garnered the attention of potential readers from around the world.  Readers in North America have given the first novel, "Inheritance" rave reviews in subject matter and storytelling, with Sharyl seamlessly interweaving historical fact, faith, and character evolution.

"The Holy Tudors" and "The Holy Grail" series are just the beginning.  Other series are in the works for Sharyl, including her science fiction series, "The Jupiter Treatises," and the "Hauntings and Possession" series, plus her stand alone novel, "The Tudor Secret." Sharyl also plans to write a memoir sharing with the world her own trials and tribulations within the sport of roller derby: the excitement, the adrenaline, but also the scandals, the drama, the happiness and the heartbreak she experienced as a player. "The Truth Hurts: My Trip Around the Track" is sure to ruffle some feathers, but in roller derby, nothing less will do.

Sharyl Rains lives in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, with her children: Jakob and Lily.  They are a loving family with five feline friends: Edward, El Diablo, Boo, William, and Sarah.  Sharyl enjoys time with her children, traveling, sharing her love of writing, and still manages to strap on the skates a time or two.