The Holy Tudors End of Ages Front Cover

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What if eternal life isn't enough to save you?

Edward Tudor once ruled as Edward VI, King of England. Now, he is regarded by God as the most powerful and passionate Guardian ever commanded to protect the Holy Grail: the vessel created by God, healing Edward upon his “death” in 1553.

While leading two new Guardians into the next millennium, Edward discovers the true secrets behind a confusing Vatican controversy, mysteriously connected to his past. After finding the key to the future of mankind, Edward begins to question the fulfillment of his own destiny to God and the Holy Grail. Upon reflection and prayer, Edward finds powers within the Grail that suggest time can be manipulated, and soon enough, Edward discovers how to travel back and forth through the ages.

Edward’s curiosity burns within him, and upon a visit into the near future, he is shocked to find a post-apocalyptic Earth, ravaged by resource depletion, climate change, and a strange pandemic that has wiped out most of the world’s population. The remains of human civilization are scattered across the globe, forming alliances; competing for what’s left in a last attempt to survive.

Little does Edward know that the future he visits is only the beginning; the beginning of the end. Earth is headed towards God’s final goal for Creation, and in the midst of his crumbling belief in the duty originally placed before him, Edward is fueled by the overwhelming desire for answers. Through the doors of Catholic conspiracy, the words of a visionary hidden long ago, and information brought back from the post-apocalyptic future, Edward is convinced he is the only one who can stop the devastation plaguing the Earth.

Determined to repair the damage and save the world from its own destruction, Edward and his Guardians embark on a new journey to preserve their future. But as unexpected events unfold, Edward struggles to keep his sanity and his faith intact. Will Edward Tudor ever hand the Holy Grail back to man?

"Sharyl Rains has brought real life historic figures alive in a story so vividly descriptive that you can visualize appearances, actions and emotions of our heroes and villains."

John Perry - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


"It was easy to follow and how everything was kept consistent with the drastically changing timeline was remarkable. It's not often I read a book where I feel as though I am there watching everything unfold, but 'The Holy Tudors: Inheritance' was one of those books."

Kira Enloe - Casper, Wyoming, USA


"'The Holy Tudors: End of Ages' is very well thought-out and plotted. There are a lot of moving parts, and the early revelations lay the foundation to the climactic battle near the end." 

Tellwell Publishing - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


"The love story, the adventure, as well as the suspense of what will happen next will leave you wanting to turn the page to find out."

Chris Jones - Warrenton, Oregon, USA


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